What Our Clients Are Saying

05 September 2012

Firstly Annette & I both thank you for your professionalism in marketing our Kitchener Road property.

Your advice regarding the current market valuations and the expectations as to what the property was likely to sell for was right on the money. The reserve price that you suggested was exactly what we also thought.

As you were aware Annette was overseas at the time when I needed to make a decision as to who we were going to list the property with. The main reason that I chose you against other real estate companies, is that you told me what the real market situation was, what we could possibly expect and not necessarily what I wanted to hear. There is a subtle difference in this statement. You dissuaded us from any refurbishment which we had contemplated, as this would not be represented in the final selling price.

I have had dealings with other real estate companies that tell you what you want to hear, which is not always accurate, and then when it doesn’t meet your expectations you are left wondering. You also recommended the auction process which we did not want to do. However your assumption and comments about the auction timing, advertising and the open homes planned all stacked up. You also never gave me a figure that we could achieve but a fairly close range, which in the end was spot on or a little higher.

We were delighted with the end result and the auctioneer was excellent in bidding up the bidders. When we reached a plateau in the bidding and the auctioneer moved the price by only $1000.00 we thought that we might not make it, however he worked the bidders to the point that we passed our reserve price.

Bevan, we are really delighted with the whole procedure which only empathises your efforts with the open homes and advertising on our behalf.

To get so many people at the auction, especially on a Tuesday morning was quite staggering, which goes to prove that your open homes and your advertising programme was incredible.

We also must make comment about your fee structure, you are considerably less than any of the other estate agents we looked at, the end result of which is more funds in our hands.

The bottom line was that you were working for us, the vendor. Once again Bevan many thanks for you efforts.

Warmest regards,

Peter & Annette Turner

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